The Gospel of Mark

Tell a Different Story
Who is Jesus?
Always Forward
Restless or Resting
Jesus Stops for a Sinner
Shock & Awe
A Day in the Life of Jesus
Follow the King to the Cross
The Truth, Power, and Relevance of the Gospel
God’s Upside-Down Kingdom

Standalone sermons

Discipleship: The DNA of a Thriving Church
Today, Make Sure of Your Own Salvation
Love One Another
Prayer for the Parched Soul
4 Steps to Unified Worship
Awake & Take Heed
Committing To One Another
When Hope Came To Life

Prayer - Lord teach us how to pray

Pray Then Like This
What is Prayer

Nehemiah - Rebuild . Renew . Rejoice

Responding to Failure
A Christian’s Daily Prayer
Priorities for Rebuilding
Renew Together
Joy that Builds (part 2)
Joy that Builds (part 1)
Rebuild part 2
Rebuild part 1


Incarnational Love
Joy to the World!
Glory to God! Peace to Man!
Hope Has Come

Psalms - Templates for Worship

Give Thanks!
The Root and Fruit of Confession
Worship When You’re Falling Apart
Praise the Lord!
Great is the Lord
King Jesus Reigns
Fruitful Trees or Futile Chaff

Titus, A House in Order

He Saved Us
Living in the Light of God’s Glory
Living Sound Doctrine
Discipleship: When the Gospel Blooms
Sound Doctrine: From the Pulpit to the Pew
Covert Assault on Godliness
The Desire, Character and Ability of an Elder
The Member-Minister’s Main Ministry
A House in Order
5 Marks of a Faithful Father Part 2
5 Marks of a Faithful Father Part 1
Remember the Kindness of God

Making Christ Non-Ignorable

Leadership > Discipleship > Mission
Go Show and Tell the Gospel Boldly
A Pattern for Biblical Rest
Worship God Passionately
Grow to Know God Deeply
The Mission of Crossway
The Vision of Crossway